Rates Include Studio Rental & Engineer

1 Hour Minimum

$60/Hr Music Recording For Independent Artists

$75/Hr Music Recording For Labels

$125/Hr Voice Over Recording

discounted Day rate:

Includes Studio Rental & Engineer

$500 [Full 10 Hr Day]

Per-song RATE:

No need to watch the clock; work until it’s right!

$800/Song: Tracked & Mixed



We pride ourselves on our mixing; songs we have mixed have racked up millions of streams on Spotify and gone to radio, TV, major press, etc. Every song is different, and we prefer to negotiate a flat, per-song fee. This is typically in the range of $125 to $400 per song. You can also opt to pay for mixing by the hour [$60/Hr]. Production and/or writing credits can also be part of the negotiation.



With our tuned room and sweet sounding outboard gear, we can give your song the polish that will take it to the next level and make it translate to different sound systems. We can master specifically for vinyl, radio, CD, streaming, etc.




Are you an engineer looking for an awesome place to record or mix? Make Tangerine Recording Studio your home. Get in touch and let’s talk about studio use.

Hourly: $25/Hr

Day Rate (10 Hr Block): $200/Day


Are you looking to work in a professional recording studio but lack the cash? We offer dirt cheap rates if you’re willing to work between 12AM and 6AM.




Our spacious & vibey live room is a great space for your next rehearsal. Loading and unloading gear is a breeze at Tangerine Recording Studio with our loading dock and freight elevator. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a one-off rehearsal or block off a regular rehearsal time.